OK Cupid Personality Traits June 2017

I recently put my ok cupid account on hiatus because I was wasting too much time reading profiles and I prefer to spend all of my free time focusing on my career. Here are my personality traits from June. I don’t think I’ve changed much since then, so if you think you’d like to have a date with me contact me via Facebook or at info@margieschnibbe.com. For the past few years I’ve mostly dated young guys for sex but now I’m thinking maybe I should go for an older guy with some money who wants to support the arts. BTW- I’m still on Tinder which takes much less time to navigate and no one cares about your personality traits there anyway. Much less of a time-drain.


Young MC-Bust a Move: The 1st Song I Hear in My Head after Reading My Last Blog Post

During my last semester as a BFA undergraduate in sculpture at Kansas City Art Institute I supported myself  by go-go dancing at a dive bar/strip joint called Gus Goldmine in downtown KC. All of the dancers performed  to songs on the jukebox  and Bust a Move by Young MC was one of my favorites. I had my senior thesis show/art school graduation at the go-go bar. It was a performance and photo installation. I danced, all of my co-workers danced, and the art kids and regular customers gave all of us girls tips. It was lots of fun but very un-pc. I was protesting the patriarchy but the feminists did not understand and my white male sculpture teachers were even more clueless and did not attend. I will look for pics in my slide archives and post as soon as I can find and scan them. Of course there is lots more to say about my midwest experience. Stay tuned for more. gus goldmine 1333 Main kansas city Missouri KCMO

go-go girls matchbook gus goldmine 1333 Main kansas city Missouri