We’re B-a-a-a-a-ck! New Margie.LA Archives!

Somehow I managed to survive a hard drive replacement with permissions errors and two weeks without my iMac and then a Dreamweaver bug that kept crashing the program (many hours in online forums, a week of trying to get an appointment with Adobe,  over an hour on the phone with Adobe, giving the Adobe technician access to my computer,  and still no fix). Without Dreamweaver I was unable to update Margie.LA. So how did I fix Dreamweaver when the program would not  open from the application? I went to index.html and chose “open with” and voila! the page opened. And Adobe said it was an Apple error. Hmmm.


Yoga in the Park + Seeking Arrangement

At yoga in the park today I attempted a headstand for the first time & was able to hold my bent legs in the air, but as soon as I straightened them upward those legs flipped right over my head and I did a somersault hitting the grass hard. When I pulled myself onto my knees I  could not stop laughing. I’m usually so uptight about going upside down and anything to do with neck stuff since I read this NY Times Magazine (yoga injury) article in 2012 …  but today’s experience was a total blast. This was a real breakthrough for me.  I felt like a kid again and ready to conquer the world!  And tonight my neck and back have never felt better! After yoga and the day job I went to the gym and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill. I’m brainstorming ways to dig myself out of this financial hole I’m in. Last night I signed up for the website Seeking Arrangement and I’m currently waiting for my profile to be approved (takes 24-48 hours). I am looking for an “investor”. Will I get any date requests? Or am I too old? Will the potential dates be confused by my profile description that was cut and pasted from numerous art grant applications?  Should I have simply stated that I like hiking, cooking, EDM and white wine? I could have used my East LA College student email to get a discount rate on “premium services” (whatever that means)  but I don’t want hooker spam going to my college email account that gets forwarded to my regular gmail account. Oh sh*t did I just call Seeking Arrangement a hooker site? But it’s not an escort site!  It’s a dating site for regular folks who just want other regular folks to give them money and buy them gifts… in exchange for *cough cough* intimate companionship…


photo credit: Tomoko Matsushita

playlist for logging my $27,731.88 in credit card debt (this does not include student loan and other personal loan debt)

Tonight I’ve been updating the excel spreadsheet I made to log my credit card debt. Yes I’ve been avoiding looking at this document for the past six months and yes I’m a big fat mess! But fuck this debt! I will win this battle!  I’m feeling like an old lady listening to pop music I loved when I was a kid.  I’m making a plan and happy to be alive! And I’m disco dancing! Who wants to buy some art? Who needs a tax write off? I have a fiscal sponsor now! DM me for more details!

Spam Lit: ISO Paper Diapers

This is one of the silliest bits of spam I’ve received at margieschnibbe.com lately. It made me smile.

From: sjshsk
Subject: diaper

Dear CEO:

Now our company wants to purchase a batch of paper diapers. If you can provide the products, please reply emails to get detailed purchasing information of products from us, in order to get further conversation for us.

Wish for successful cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact person: Willie

E-mail:  mwmdmv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com (redacted)