The Gang of Four- To Hell with Poverty

This song randomly started playing in the car this morning. Did not even know it was on my phone. Made me laugh at my bourgeois problems. BTW I saw the Gang of Four live at Roseland Ballroom in 1981 (with the Bad Brains and Bush Tetras) and they were fucking fantastic! BEST SHOW EVER!

Bourgeois Problems. 6″ x 4″. Ink on Paper. 2009.

Vodka, Beer + Sex. 6″ x 4″. Ink on Paper. 2009.

All My Dreams Have Turned to Shit. 60″ x 34″ Felt made from recycled plastic. 2010. Photo taken at Ghebaly Gallery June 2010.


Fuck you!

Someone hurt my feelings the other day and then I made this drawing and felt a bit better.

Although I’m angry that I can no longer use these beautiful analog FedEx forms for overnight shipping since FedEx has recently switched to a 100% online system, this “Fuck You” drawing is not directed at FedEx or any of my co-workers at the day-job. I’m actually happy to have obsolete office materials to use as canvases. One day when all the paper goes away these curious and colorful backdrops I collect from the office trash will function as historical archives.

My Favorite Spam-Lit Today: A Message from Bishop Solomon Chukwueke

Dear Customer

This is from western union Head office here in Benin Du Republic. We presently ready to send your first payment of $5000 this morning from our office out of your $1,500,000.00USD assigned to us by the United Nation to transfer to you as your compensation fund, so you are requested to contact us now with full information where you want your first payment to be transfer to you without any further Daley, and for the transfer charge will cost you only $155 so that your first payment can be release to you as soon as you send the fee.

(1)Your full name,

(2)Your country,

(3)Your city/address,

(5) Your phone number,

The payment will be made twice daily to fulfill the western union daily transfer limit, and it will go in two packages, which means $5000 first and be followed with another $5000. Once you pick up the first payment, we will transfer the second $5000, because our daily transfer limit is $10,000USD. This is the procedure we will observe daily, until we transfer the whole US$1.5Million.

Therefore you are advised to contact the assigned department with the following information and contact person.

Phone. +xxxxxxxxxxx 87 55


Contact person: Kennedy S. James.

Best Regards

Dr. Bishop Q

Western union Head office BENIN Du REP